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Burst Pipes

Got a burst Pipe or Water leak?

What do you do if you have a burst pipe, water leak or other pipe problems at your property?

Call Edinburgh Emergency Plumbing to repair or quote on your burst pipe.

How to check if you have a Water Leak

If you suspect that you have a burst pipe or water leak (maybe your water bill is inexplicably higher) you can conduct the following test before calling Edinburgh Emergency Plumbing;

  • Make sure all water sources are turned off
  • Check your water meter at night before you go to bed and then again the next morning to note any change on the meter.  If there has been a change you could have a water leak or burst pipe and need Edinburgh Emergency Plumbing to attend your property to assist with your pipe leaks and repair.

We can assist and repair any of these issues

If you notice the following problems Edinburgh Emergency Plumbing can assist to repair your burst pipe or plumbing leaks :

  • Leaking pipe – Edinburgh Emergency Plumbing can assist 24 hours / 7 days a week to locate a leak. Whether it is behind your wall or underground we have the equipment to locate the source of the problem and provide a solution to save you money on your water and energy bills
  • Old pipes – if you have old or damanged pipes we can provide a fixed price quotation to repair or replace your existing pipes
  • Noisy pipes – you may experience a ‘hammering’ or ‘shudder’ in when you turn on/off your taps.  Call Edinburgh Emergency Plumbing to look at this problem to minimise further damage to your pipes

Our Burst Pipe and Water Leak equipment

We have the following equipment to help repair/replace your burst pipe and minimise any water damage to your property :

  • Water leak locator to locate your burst pipe
  • Oxyacetleyne for silver brazing burst pipes
  • Wet vac to remove water from carpet / flooring areas resulting from burst pipes
  • Electronic pipe locators to locate the burst pipe and damage
  • CCTV equipment to monitor your pipework


Areas with high or inconsistent water pressure may also have more leaks and breaks. At Edinburgh EmergencyPlumbing we use the valves and monitoring equipment to proactively manage water pressure in these areas to help reduce leaks and breaks. 

What if you experience water pressure problems?

Firstly make sure the tap on your water meter, hot water system or other devices are fully turned on. If the problem continues call Edinburgh Emergency Plumbing to check for any burst pipes or plumbing problems.





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